Most people worry about termite infestations in their homes because it not only destroys the foundational structure of their property but also leaves damage to their walls, doors, and windows. This damage coupled with the cost of repairs takes a big bite out of their budget but the repairs are not always effective when the root cause of the problem is not controlled.

That is why as a termite inspection company, we help solve your termite problem and other pest issues by providing thorough termite inspections, termite treatment, and pest control services for your home and business property at an affordable price anywhere in Cordes Lakes, Az. So contact us today to schedule a free inspection!

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Termites, being what they are (destroyers of the interior and exterior of a property), are dangerous to your home or business.

The damage caused by termites, particularly the subterranean termites which are the most common termite species in Arizona has made a lot of businesses and homeowners spend hugely on home repairs and extermination but most of the time, the services they get don’t really help with the complete control of these havoc wreakers.

This is why we offer quality termite control and termite treatment to our customers at a surprisingly affordable price using the best and latest methods and chemicals available. 

Since termites are mostly found in walls, eaves, attics, windows, doors, slabs, and the foundation of a property, we go the extra mile by offering treatment methods to our customers that ensure the total removal of these wood-destroying pests.

However, since there are only two common termite species in Arizona (the subterranean termites and the drywood termites), the treatment or control methods vary depending on the specie. 

The subterranean termites are mostly found in warmer climates and moist areas. They are part of the reproductive swarmers that are common in South Arizona. They can form a colony which they use to destroy the structure of your house. Plus, they need a careful and professional exterminator to help control, treat, and prevent them from further destroying your home. This is why we treat the soil in which your house or business property is situated with a termiticide which creates a barrier. After that, we may consider setting up termite bait stations in your house which helps in getting rid of the entire colony. 

On the other hand, the drywood termites stay in the wood without showing any sign. So, if there is no home inspection carried out, most people may find it difficult to identify the infestation. These swarmers cannot be controlled the same way subterranean termites are because they need chemicals or techniques that would penetrate deep into the house and the colony. So, what we would do is treat the wood by pumping gas fumigation into the walls of the house. We could also consider the drilling and filling technique depending on the nature of the infestation. As a team of professionally trained termite inspectors, we take our time to inspect all walls, eaves, and attics with due diligence. So, contact us today to completely get rid of the termite problem. 


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How much is a termite inspection in Arizona?

 The cost of a termite inspection in Arizona is not so expensive compared to how much you would be spending if the structural and aesthetical framework of your property is destroyed. They could be as low as $85 or $100 and as high as $200 or $250. However, when considering the cost of inspection, there are a host of factors to be considered like the size of the property and the nature or rate of infestation. Ideally, the cost of termite inspection for smaller homes in Arizona would be lower than the costs of inspection for a bigger property. Also, as regards termite inspection, some companies offer free inspection services to their customers. So, you may not have to pay a dime for the inspection once you get a response from these companies


Are termites common in Arizona?

Termites are very common in Arizona. With over 100,000 homes being damaged by termites each year, it has become necessary for most homeowners in Arizona to treat their homes for termite infestations. There are basically two common termite species in Arizona; the subterranean and the drywood termites. The subterranean termites are the more common of the two. They are reproductive swarmers and would not rest until they tear down the entire structure of your home. Conversely, the drywood termites are also reproductive swarmers and they are less detectable than their subterranean counterparts. These termites hide deep in the wood and can only be treated, controlled, or exterminated by a deep and penetrative extermination method. 


What time of the year do termites swarm in Arizona?

Termites love a warm and moist environment and they mostly swarm during the rainy months of May and June. However, most people have reported monthly swarming (with December as an exception) which makes the time of termites swarming quite unpredictable. Fewer termites are also known to swarm between August and November. It should also be noted that most termite swarming occurs at night. So, when you see a swarm of termites on site going about what they do best during the warm and rainy seasons, do not be surprised. Instead, take active steps to ensure that you protect your home and business from infestation. 


Do you need a termite inspection in Arizona?

All homeowners or business property owners in Arizona should get a regular termite inspection. This is to ensure that their property is termite-free to avoid accruing additional expenses to themselves by repairing damaged interior or exterior walls. It is a lot cheaper to hire a professional termite exterminator than to repair a damaged building. Plus, termites like the drywood termites, which are common in Arizona, cannot be easily detected. It takes professionals to thoroughly assess the wood, walls, and foundation of your building to detect them. So, they can stay in your house, destroying your wood without you knowing it.

Also, one reason why termite inspection is needed by Arizona residents is that it gives them clues on what to do to eradicate or solve subsequent termite problems. This is because most termite inspectors would offer instructions on safe practices to follow. So, hire a termite inspection and control company.


What are the signs of termites in Arizona?

There are so many signs that indicate that your home is infested by termites. You just have to pay attention to details to notice them. For the subterranean and drywood termites in Arizona, you will have to look out for dropped or broken wings in cobwebs and other areas, loosened tiles, an irregular pattern in floorboards and furniture, flying termites,  hollow sounds emitting from the wood when knocked, stained walls, termite droppings, mud tubes, excessively noisy floorboards, small holes on wall surfaces, and other signs that may appear to be caused by water damage. You can also detect termite infestation by loosening floors, walls, and ceilings.


What percentage of Arizona homes have termites?

Arizona’s hot and moist climate makes it a safe spot for most termites in the United States. Most homes and businesses are already used to the termite infestation in this beautiful and humid state of Arizona. As regards the percentage, there are no definite and commonly acceptable statistics as most people and climate agencies project Arizona to have about 10% termite infestations. Others believe that every one in ten houses in Arizona, particularly South Arizona, have termites in their homes. This is only a rough estimate but surely, most homeowners in Arizona spend money annually on termite inspection. 

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